Transitional Living

Chambliss Center for Children's Transitional Living Program provides stable housing and careful case management for youth who have aged out of traditional foster care at age 18 and have chosen to participate in Extension of Foster Care (EFC) services in the state of Tennessee.

We currently have six, single-occupancy duplex units, each fully furnished with a washer/dryer, and with utilities and internet provided. Per the requirements of EFC, our residents must remain enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary education program. While our program does allow for a large measure of independence (there is no 24-hour or on-site supervision), the Transitional Living Specialist will
work closely with program residents to make sure they are acquiring the confidence, competence and resources needed for fully-independent living.

For more information, contact Transitional Living Specialist Jon Berestecky at or at 423-805-6653.

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Homemade Mondays

Bring a homemade meal for six 18-21 year olds in our Transitional Living Program. Meals can be whatever you'd like to cook, with a side of support and cheer! Details in the sign up link.

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