Returning Her Gratitude


It all started more than 20 years ago when Martha’s daughter was enrolled at Chambliss Center for Children so she could work two jobs- one as a library assistant at UTC, and another at a fast food restaurant. Determined to make it as a single mom, she walked to Chambliss with her first grader and then rode the bus to work, knowing the Chambliss van would get Christina back and forth to school.

She started giving back to Chambliss even while she was still working, with a donation of over
1000 books, manipulative blocks, and learning tools like flash cards that were about to be
discarded at UTC.

Fast forward to December 2012 when Martha retired after 42 years on the job at UTC. Her two
children were grown. One month later, she signed up to volunteer at Chambliss Center for
Children, and now spends her volunteer hours organizing the library. “I am organizing by title
and have given a list to each classroom. We even have many of the books that are on the
summer reading lists, so these kids can find them in the Chambliss library!”
“Chambliss is full of people who care. They loved my kids and have always been good to me,”
Martha says. “I want to give back. They made it possible for me to be a dependable employee
while they took such good care of both of my children.”