Preserving Family Stability


Tara had a plan, and it was working. She was just about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Organizational Management, and her 10-year old daughter, Savanna, was happily settled in elementary school. She was making it as a single mom and her career was poised for a giant step forward.

“I wasn’t supposed to be able to have more children, so I was surprised to learn that I was
pregnant with Brayden.” With a new baby, how could she afford full-time daycare so she could keep her job at BlueCross BlueShield? She had invested four years in this job, but the cost of day care, and after-school care, would be huge.
“Full price daycare would mean I would be working for nothing but bills and daycare payments”, Tara says. “I was considering trading in my car for a cheaper car payment and maybe taking a second part-time job on the weekends, which means I would never see my kids.”

Thanks to Chambliss Center for Children, Tara was able to afford care, keep her job, and
advance to a better position with another company. Her goal is to go back to school to get a
Masters Degree in Human Resources, and continue to better her life and the lives of her